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Quick Question on ESA

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<<At the track it started to slide in a corner and I felt I reached the limit - untill I dicovered the ESA was in Comfort position - after I changed to Sport - didn´t I have the balls to search the sliding point, cause it was moved quite farrrrr >>

Above is a quote from The Mad Dane on Chip4's thread" "Some Pictures"...of his K-R.

Just wondered whether anyone routinely hits the esa button and switches from comfort to sport in the middle of a turn? If some of you do, does this tend to unsettle the bike at all in a medium to fast curve?

Decided to ask the question here, since I ride a K-S.

The reason for the question(s) is that I get these kind of senior moments when going from a straight road in the comfort setting onto a road with linked curves. It usually dawns on me after starting the first lean that the bike is floating into the turn in the comfort setting. I then instinctively reach for the button, but so far have held off until completing the turn before make the button adjustment to "sport" and returning to the business at hand.

It be better if I could hit the button mid-turn w/o any concern over the bike getting skidderish.

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also if you really have time to thiink about adjusting your esa and actually can adjust your esa in mid corner then you most likely are not any where near the limit of your riding ability to make it thru the corner so there is no danger of crashing leaving it where it is till after the corner.
If you are so near the edge of your riding ability that you are in danger of crashing in the corner then ESA even if it didnt upset the bike wouldnt save you either as you are over your head and there are far more important things to be doing then stabbing at the ESA button.
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