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I've been a huge fan of the most excellent . Brian Bosworth and Mike Sanders are certifiable motorcycle junkies and pour themselves into writing these guides. Gear and books have a way of finding me in startling amounts and I can say with certainty I've bought and read all, or nearly all, of the maps, books, and guides available for western roads. Save yourself the trouble. If you ride in Washington, and now Northern California and BC, buy these. The level of detail is beyond belief, rating roads according to . . .

* Twistiness
* Pavement quality
* Engineering
* Remoteness
* Scenery
* Character

Add in useful amounts of information about lodging, eating, camping, dealerships, and pretty much anything else you want to know, and you've got the perfect motorcycling guidebook.

I had the opportunity to meet Brian at the recent Seattle Motorcycle show. Great guy. Bought the new BC and NC guide along with the new folding maps while I was at it.

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I agree. They are fantastic guides, albeit pricey, and they also have maps to go along with them now as well. :clap:

They are working on a Southern CA book now.

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