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Quickshifter revisted

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So it's been a solid thousand miles since my clutch job. Bike runs well about as same as before I love her and her flaws. I'm still getting that guttural grinding when I don't aggressively shift over 8k rpms. And if my ticket from last week wasn't a true warning I can't be driving like that. So in an attempt to add some "preload" I figured I adjust the linkage. Welp you see those 10mm nuts are a thickle devil and as much as I hate to admit it, it's a goner. I've "procured" another shift rod linkage from my local dealership who proceeded to call and let me know it's 8 weeks out from the Fatherland. So I'm back to this age old question can I retro fit a salvaged hp quickshifter on my bike if it didn't come with one? As well as where in God's green earth do I plug that electrical wire into? Someone online said the shifter controller housing potentiometer, like that suppose to mean something.

Thanks in advance.
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One way (upshifting) is exactly what I want the bike needs help shifting perfectly on its ups. Sorry if my orginial comment was to vague. What I'm confused on is there going to be a capped off pigtail where I can add this quickshift or do i have to unplug something and override?
If I recall correctly, that wire is routed up to an unused harness pigtail under the seat, and it will fit only one of matching shape. It is a pain to route correctly. I hope others will agree with my recollection or correct it. Good luck.
The restriction on BMW shift assist is that you must be accelerating with throttle applied and not recommended in the 1>2 shift. It does not have to be hard acceleration. I am guessing the 1>2 restriction is because of the potential to hang it in neutral at high RPM and lots of throttle.
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It will work, but there is a reason BMW doesn't want you to. As in RED OCTOBER, "105% reactor is possible, but not recommended." I just remembered something about full throttle / max RPM being a no-no as well. That might be an unmanageable wheel stand situation or working in an even shorter time for the ignition interuption with which to deal?
Based on your description, I agree that it sounds like a possible clutch problem. I think it would be a mistake to try to solve / avoid a clutch problem with shift assist, but I fully support your desire to have shift assist. It is always difficult to help solve any mechanical problem using word descriptions. Good luck.
LOL, it's a load of shit, you can use it 1-2 at 3K if you like. Shit, you can run from 0-25 Mph shifting 5 times. Both of my K1300S's were quick-shifted 100% of the time at every throttle opening and RPM without any issues. As long as the bike is accelerating at all, you're good.
I believe I said could be done but not recommended. One should probably not consider the manufacturers operating manual a load of shit unless you are willing to be back on the forum looking for help to explain why something is broken then we can "LOL".
Broken? What's going to break? BMW wants you to avoid possible neutrals if you quickshift 1-2, and that's only going to happen if you operate the shifter limp-footed.
There are a number of limitations, restrictions, and warnings in the operating manual. Nothing personal here. For anyone to say that the manual is generally a "load of shit" (your words) is to imply that ALL those manual entries can be ignored. I don't care. All cycle owners are entitled and welcome to operate and repair their cycle as they please and to come here for advice on repairs if they break it.
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