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Quickshifter revisted

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So it's been a solid thousand miles since my clutch job. Bike runs well about as same as before I love her and her flaws. I'm still getting that guttural grinding when I don't aggressively shift over 8k rpms. And if my ticket from last week wasn't a true warning I can't be driving like that. So in an attempt to add some "preload" I figured I adjust the linkage. Welp you see those 10mm nuts are a thickle devil and as much as I hate to admit it, it's a goner. I've "procured" another shift rod linkage from my local dealership who proceeded to call and let me know it's 8 weeks out from the Fatherland. So I'm back to this age old question can I retro fit a salvaged hp quickshifter on my bike if it didn't come with one? As well as where in God's green earth do I plug that electrical wire into? Someone online said the shifter controller housing potentiometer, like that suppose to mean something.

Thanks in advance.
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Walt is correct, the connector is under the seat, left side. I added the the shift assist to a 2009 1300S, takes about 13 minutes and 1 can of beer (duration can be lengthened as installer sees fit). Then break out your patience as you will head to a dealer where they have to connect to the mothership and get the ECU to accept the shifter. Make sure they order the "code" to activate it. The code is good for 48 hours once bought (73 US pennies if I recall correct) so schedule with dealer, drop bike, and go do something else, maybe for a day or two. Took the Seattle dealer a couple days. Not a common practice for technicians so don't give them a hard time about how long it takes. The shift assit works excellent and worth the wait for programming. I bought the shifter and installed myself thinking it was more involved, but just have the dealer install it as they will have plenty of time to loiter while trying to get the bike to talk to BMW. Per Walt- Good Luck!

Just a thought- If your shifting is crap below 8K right now I'm not certain a shift assist is going to be your end all fix, but if you do get all rpm shifting rolling smooth then you'll love the shift assist.
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Plug it in here- the shiny cable is the QS cable.

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The Healtech looks like it is fully adjustable with respect to engagement pressure and ignition timing? That might be a leg up on the OEM shift assist.
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