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Real Frame Sliders

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Decided after too long to get rid of the decorative frame sliders that BMW put on my 2006 K1200R and put on some that would really work if needed.

Who makes the best ones and where can I get them?

THX!! :teeth
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Lots of opinions on this already...

But pretty much everyone loves R&G. Get them in USA from Pirates' Lair.
I got Rhino Moto sliders and I bought them from my local BMW dealer. Price was either $24.00 OR $59.00, I don't remember.
i have r&g. used the one on the left side and direct drive. yes they work.

first time i wrecked on the left side with the stock sliders although there was minimal damage due to a low speed crash, i broke the plastic elbow connected to the radiator hose. had to have it towed.

the second time, thanks to a deer, no new damage. i just put on the slider 2 days before.
R&G all the way for me. :)

And I've tested them. I trust them. :)
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TheJoker said:
R&G all the way for me. :)

And I've tested them. I trust them. :)
After that pic. I'm more motivated now! Looks like it's R&G.
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