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At last nights BMW meeting, there were road stories about the BMW Rally in Redmond.

One in the group was riding the coastal route. In Crescent City, CA he noticed his buddies bike (an RT I assume) had nothing but a metal band around the perimeter if the tire. :yeow:

There were no motorcycle tires availablle in Crescent City, CA and the nearest was Grants Pass in Oregon, about 85 miles away along their route to the rally.

Story goes they soaked the tire with Gorilla Glue and continued on their way, slowly, and made it to Grants Pass. Guy didn't trust doing the Duct Tape patch so he opted for some Gorilla Glue instead.

At the rally, they had some tires from different riders who had to be changed for one reason or the other on display. They guy said his friend would have won if he kept the tire.


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