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Ken Meese is far too modest to toot his own horn. I haven't seen anything posted on these forums, but his recent achievements are worth noting. My congratulations and sincere admiration go out to Ken for his skillful mastery of this challenging sport.

LowCal 250 Rally
Two weeks ago in San Diego

Spank Rally
Last weekend in Arkansas
This is the rally that Ken was leading last year, when his final drive gave out only 200 miles from the finish. To say that this year's Spank Rally was challenging is complete understatement. The comment about tornados is true. Reports from the field during the rally were amazing and scary.

I haven't seen a web link, but here is a summary and the final placements from this year's Spank Rally. The author is George Zelenz, the rallymaster. The significant difference in points between the two "groups" is that you got one billion bonus points if you turned in your GPSs and laptops and relied on maps only.

Wow. It pretty much rained the entire rally. Tornados, floods, fog with less than 20' visibility. It TOTALLY sucked.

But riders dug deeper than ever to remain focused while being wet and cold. Spirits were sometimes low but not extinguished.

Some veteran riders didn't even open up the 2nd leg pack, just running for the bar/n. Others, like Robert Bolger, arrived at the CP 5 minutes late and lost just a tad over a billion points but was still in the rally. He ran all night for whatever points he could manage. What a guy. Placing well meant staying in the hunt and on the bike, gritting it out in the 100% weather bummer.

I tell you folks, this years Spank Riders ate glass and washed it down with rusty nails. Tough Mo-Fo's.

Several of the first time rallyists placed in the top 10, and one of them would have been top 5 had he surrendered his GPS and laptop for the billion point bonus.

Suffice to say, I'm impressed, and humbled by the talent, strength, and determination of this community. Whew.

1-Ken Meese 1000130468
2-Tom & Rosie Sperry 1000105759
3-Eric Vaillancourt 1000100081
4-Mike Mehaffy 1000084596
5-Mike Taylor 1000072576
6-Dennis Powell 1000068782
7-Doug Steeb 1000061781
8-Mike Gragg 1000056654
9-Mike & Betty Ligons 1000048362
10-Allen Dye 1000045738
11-David Morgan & Jan Cote 1000023746
12-Darrin Hicks 71628
13-Kreis Weigal 60772
14-Scott Harrison 59374
15-Michael Snodgrass 50990
16-Brian Collins 49570
17-Al Landry 45596
18-Heidi Still 43396
19-Robert Bolger 26406
20- Jim Mulcahy 0

Aaron & Rene Miller DNF
Winston Oxley DNF
Tony Hudson DNF

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Yeah, but now his bike is dirty. :D

Congrats, Ken! At least now I know why you're blowing off Cambria this year. ;)
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