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Elsewhere I asked about a full racing system to reduce weight. Couldn't find one for reasonable money after nine months.

Today I installed a new Remus Hexacone titanitum slip on with KN air filter (and removed center stand for weight). Was not dyno tuned. BMW dealer said unnecessary - even though I was willing to pay.

Here's my initial impressions - holding back full opinion on the weight reduction.

The bike seems to rev much easier, pulls better from standing and the 5K(ish) engine vibe/rough spot is tamed a bit. Can't tell if it has more grunt. Sounds like a real motorcycle, though, which is nice but the OEM blender tone wasn't a deal breaker for me.

Bottom line: From performance perspective, not sure was worth the money ($1K total) on an 11-year-old ride worth $6-7K max. But looks way better (which is obvious). Handling seems improved - but I may just be suffering new farkle subjectivity. Will decide that after several hundred-1K miles and update here.

The best improvement to handling/weight was removing those blame bag, which are not practical for sporty riding on a daily basis!!!!
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