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I wanted tyre pressure monitoring on the bike, going to Bmw dealer and tell them to fit it is an option , a veeeery expensive option.
Almost $850 for parts alone.
Pure aftermarket systems either look bad or are clumsy sitting on the valvestem, some does not work due to hitting calipers.

I wanted OEM.

I got my parts used off of ebay, installed the controlunit, it is just a plug and 3 screws under the seat.
Off with the tyres and fit the sensors, i have equipment for this at home. Look up , great machine the Evo II.

Connected to the bike via Motoscan and coded the zfe (chassis computer) and the Kombi (dash).
Now i have pressure but also found a setting normally not active, temperature.
Apperently all sensor has this built in but it is not active.
Front oem sensor died short after fitting, bought a chinese one along with a cheap wakeup tpms tool and it worked.

Doing this myself with used parts the total came to $251.


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