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Wanting to mount my GPS on the GT, I struggled with the available options and settled on the machined mounts available from the GadgetGuy. I chose to go with the new bracket that spans across the top of the windscreen pillars. Genna was very helpful in recommending the correct parts for the application.
  1. Bracket Kit II” modified for above the dashboard installation on K1200RS/GT, P# ABK02150-0000 or ABK02150-00101 at:
  2. Base Plate II”, P# ABP00002-0000 or ABP00002-0101 at:
  3. Cradle from Garmin “Marine Mounting Bracket”, P# 010-10257-00 at:
Item #3, above, is for the StreetPilot III I already had on hand (until I get the new 376C). The parts are machined from aluminum and are nicely finished - parts an engineer can truly appreciate.

Installation was very straightforward:
  1. Attach the cradle to the baseplate with the supplied screws.
  2. Slip the baseplate onto the rod.
  3. Slip the rod into the mounting brackets.
  4. Remove the two torx-head screws from the top of each pillar (using the supplied torx tool - a nice touch).
  5. (Optional) Remove the pillar cover and route the power and audio cables. Care must be used to insure cabling does not interfere with the windscreen actuators.
  6. Screw the mounting brackets into the holes on the pillar, taking care to push the screw in to insure it engages with the captive nut. Note, I had to gently push the bracket into the torx-head screw reliefs in the pillar to get this to engage properly.
  7. Adjust angle and tighten everything up.
On the test ride, everything was secure with no vibration or wobble. The high mounting point of the GPS was very nice, allowing a quick glance without any head movement from my normal riding position. Another plus is the ignition key and speedo/tach are clearly visible with no blocking from the GPS. After mounting everything, there is room for another base plate for XM if I desired. However, I plan on waiting until I get the 376, which has XM built-in.

While the parts may seem quite expensive (over $150 for the parts I ordered), it is well worth the money in my mind. Again, quality is top-notch. Nice additions like providing all the tools you will need are welcomed. Another nice addition is the wire clamp screwed into the back of the base plate, providing a convenient cable securing and relief point.

I'll post pictures soon (after a longer ride, perhaps).
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