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I have a disc from TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) in my state. The bit below gives some indication of what is included. Not sure where it should be posted but what I am saying is....if any one wants a copy I will burn one. Just send me enough to cover postage. Oh !! Australia is one of the 61 countries (includes part of the US) which drive on the left of the road, should not be a worry.

About Ride Smart
This CD-ROM was designed for motorcycle riders. Whilst it will be especially helpful for novice riders, it is designed to also be of value to all riders of all experience levels who wish to brush up or further develop their safe riding skills. Ideally, you will derive most benefit from the product if you have had some on-road riding experience. Even some on-road driving experience can be useful so that you are at least familiar with the traffic environment. The Ride Smart program will give you a better understanding of many different riding situations, so you’ll know what to do when you come across them on the road. You will have the opportunity to identify safe responses to some dangerous driving situations and gain an understanding of the real-life consequences of your actions.

You will be watching and commenting on many different riding video sequences from around town, on the freeway and in rural areas. You’ll have to make some quick decisions, which will test such things as your memory and your ability to predict what other road users might do next.

Ride Smart shows you the kind of things that can happen when you’re in control of a motorcycle. You’ll see what happens when you ride too fast, take risks, or don’t concentrate. And just like real life, you’ll also have to deal with other people’s mistakes and bad driving!

We all know that road accidents kill or injure far too many people each year. We hope that the skills that you develop from this program help to make sure that you are not one of them.
Networking Ride Smart

To install on a network

Ride Smart can be run from a network by copying all of the files from the CD-ROM to a network directory. All copied files in the network directory need to be made “read-only”. The main Ride Smart.exe file can then be run by multiple users and the scoring files are held on each client PC.

Please ensure that users have at least "power user" privileges to the client PC to ensure that the required plug-ins install and execute correctly.

Note: Students should copy their progress to floppy disk if they are going to complete Ride Smart on a different PC.
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