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Ya ya, I know its winter (in MI, sort of, no snow yet!)....

I keep thinking if the SO doesn't want to trade my K13S in for a new K1600 GTL (I made a big mistake, she sat on it :))...

She has a couple months to decide before I show up in phoenix, retired.

I had an FZ1, bought it sight unseen in 2001, I had #750 or so serial number. I had 3 of them total, put 50k miles on em. (two 01's, one 02)

I'd sure like to have a 2nd bike that could keep up with the KS on a tour (all around, not just speed-wise) and I'm leaning back toward a gen 1 FZ1 for that purpose. I do all the maintenance on those, unlike the KS.

there are some low mileage bikes out there for decent prices too.

now you know my backup plan....if the SO doesn't want to pop for the 1600 and ride 2up anymore, the FZ1 is looking good for visitors and around town stuff.

I like the 250cc's a LOT too, they are so cool, but I'd rather have a 2nd road sport/touring bike for now.
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