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My wife has owned her 02 1150 RT for two an a half years now,over 29K miles.I have only ridden the RT a few hundred miles,mostly interstate,once a back road to the shop for service when she had to work.
She had not ridden it since the RA rally so today I got out and rode some of my favorite twisty roads for the first time on the RT.I was really impressed with the RT.It handled so well in and out of turns,felt so light and nimble. Was on Hwy. 227 north off of Hwy. 460 in Georgetown KY.,a very curvey road.Ran most of the 30 miles or so in fourth gear.It was so easy to glide through the curves even with the upright position.My knees fit really well into the insides of the farring.
The motor isn't as smooth as my GT but the small vibes it puts out isn't bothersome at all.There was really good engine breaking going into the curves and even in fourth gear was comming out quite well. If I came out in third it felt strong and quick.
I don;t like to ride anyone elses bike,that's why I haven"t ridden hers much,but I'm glad I got out on hers today.I rode 152 miles of twisties and I really enjoyed it.Impressive motorcycle.
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