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2010 BMW k1300s
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I'm curious what every one is on? If there is another thread point me there.
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

2010 bought with 17k miles in 2019.
Currently sitting with 32.5k ;)
Only repairs so far..
Both BMW emblems
Fuel tank quick connect (changed to metal)
Clutch reservoir (my rizoma gasket died)
And a clutch - Thanks to Kbike fourm (I know it's a wear item but it's like in the middle cause of the 1 time use tools/parts)

I've been thru 3 maybe 4 sets of tires in 17k miles which I feel is pretty decent being a daily driver.

I really only have 2 complaints about this bike and both I've come to just accept as her "flaws".
The clutch bite point is so close to the lever not being pulled I'm so scared it's not complete disengaging however no slipping even under hard throttle. And the intermitten stalling like it's choking it's self out of air when I'm coasting to a light. I've learned to combat it by "burping" the throttle or youe typically harley guy Rev as I'm coasting in.
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