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Here is my 07K 1200 S with a Wunderlich bar conversion making it very comfortable almost as comfortable as my 2009K 1300 GT both are flawless not a chip or a scratch on either. They are both running very well. My GT did have a weird idle, and occasionally it would stall, but that was cleared up by the dealer they said the throttle cables were not correctly calibrated which seemed weird to me, but they fix the problem. The only issue I had with my S model where is the fuel sensor but she’s been doing good now. I also have a 2015 K 1600 GT. Quite a bit heavier than my other two, but a better bike for two up. But my wife prefers my road glide over all of them lol but we want to discuss out here on this forum. I just sold my triumph, speed, triple and bought this Kawasaki Z 900 RS café bike. It’s pretty cool I haven’t had an Asian bike in a long time. It is very smooth and pretty quick, and believe it or not, the faring has adequate wind protection


21 - 40 of 57 Posts