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I have had others mention this to me about the K RS-GT having a drift to the right.
My RS has it and this is what I have found. This isn't a tech discussion about why, what BMW should have done, nor about spacers left on or taken out. Rather it is what I have found in day to day riding that truly minimizes its presence.

With the taller windshield it was worse (Thats the "Comfort Shield" which is the regular GT shield). It was least when I tuck down under the regular RS shield in the low position.
It is worse when I have my arm covering the throttle and my other hand off the handle bar as my body/shoulders are turned to then act as rudder to pressure right.)

Also connected with this then is that the tires wear out quicker to the left of center.

My fix that has worked with both windshields and takes care of the uneven tire wear as well is:
I pack all my odds and ends in the left bag. This isn't a lot, my lightweight rain suit, my lunch and water bottles, small pump and incidental stuff needed for the day. The right bag is completely empty. Not a lot at all, but that is enough to give it a straight ride and even tire wear.

I never really complained about it but now, once I have gotten used to straight tracking the drift is an annoyance. So give it a try and see where the balance point is for your K/RS-GT ride.

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