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Self-maintenance/warranty concerns

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Okay, I am torn and hope maybe I can get folks opinion on this one....

I need to have my 12k service done. I am already going to do all the fluids and the air filter change myself (all bmw brand), but I was going to let them do the valve check, mainly out of fear of warranty concerns, but second because I have never done one. Should I do the valve check as well even though I am still under warrenty?

While I am not the sharpest wrench in the box, I have time, patience, manual and this site and to me it's more rewarding to do work on my own. Is there a warranty risk if I do, and/or should I expect grief if something even unrelated warranty wise occurs? (knock on wood, rear seal problems).

I will still take the bike in for the computer check, and minor checks to keep my local dealer afloat/keep my on the radar and my service book stamped. I am also not concerned about resale, as I don't plan on selling the beauty anytime soon (if ever) and likewise, I have been keeping meticulous records with receipts and a few pictures here any there :)
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If you do it yourself, you know it was done right! Saving money is just a happy by-product. You also become more familiar with your bike should any funny noise, vibration or other thing happen.
If you do the valve check and bring the dealer your clearance measurements when you have the MoTronic read as part of the 12K. I don't think you will have any warranty problem. You can also check the valves yourself and if they are out of spec., bring the bike naked to the dealer and have him change the buckets.
Bruce C
Unless your dealer techs are not up to par it is to your benefit to let them do the 12K, 24K and 36K since it allows them to look for trouble and document any that might be noticed. If you do your own oil change and develop a knock, etc, then it will be harder to defend your work than the dealers.
Last two service intervals on the 03 GT were handled by dealers in the vicinity of the ride and both times they voluntarily replaced questionable parts and gaskets that they merely suspected were not in it for the long haul. The bill was about $120 each time. A bargain the way I see it.

On a side note, my local dealer and the one in Manhattan volunteered to replace my ecu but I declined since it runs purrfect.
Appreciate the feedback...If my dealer were anywhere near that price I would go to them as 12k service would be $600 bucks (not including the extra hour book time if they actually need to replace a cam follower)....this compared to me spending $150 bucks just for the stuff and doing all the work myself. Where if I do the work, and have them do the motronics, bleed test, they charge 1/2 hour work.

I have decided that I would rather bank the $400 and put it towards a bike "oh shit" fund or a lawyer if I have a warrenty coverage issue.

Interestingly, I just had my 12K for $450 in Cincinnati. However, my GT had a problem and had to tow it to the dealer. Throttle cable was the problem but still was without the bike for a week. My GT never had a problem before the 12K check up.

Having said all that, I would prefer to do the job myself given instruction and time. If I was so confident of the work the dealer has done than I would have no problem. Which brings me to the question:

Is there or should there be a listing of qualified/trained mechanics on this site? I think I might start a thread.
when my bike was still under warranty, I did all the fluid changes myself and took it into the shop naked to let them do the valves and brake bleeds. Taking it in naked saved me some labor and saved mucho bucks on the 12k service. As long as you buy the oil and filters from the shop, they have a record of the purchase and therefore it should prove that you did the job and not affect your warranty.
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