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It was supposed to be sunny and upper 60's, at best it barely broke 60 today. Didn't stop us for the Slimey Crud Run 5-6-2007. At 6:30 this morning left to meet up with some fun folks from the Region 4 for breakfast at 7am. I got there about 7:15am. 6 people met up for fueling ourselves before the ride out to just west of Madison, WI. (Leland, WI and Pine Bluff, WI)

Took the backroads and rolling hills to fill the day. Must have been close to 1,000 people out on all kinds of bikes. Snapped a few photos at several locations along the way, I'm sure more will be posted to Region 4. (Thread is here)

Note the squidly dude was demonstrating burn outs, stoppies and wheelies for the crowd. Even some full-dress Harleys were doing wheelies for the crowd.

Put on about 400 miles today participating in the Slimey Crud Run.


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