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:) As we have a lot of "old timers" around (yeah!) I was reminded of an old post. Rather apropre', I'd say, of both the RS/GT as well as the new R and S models. Without further adu, I present:

Finners – Slow Down and Sit

(In response to the K12RS being uttered in the same sentence with the word 'sport'.)

Hello Robert - enjoyed your post - and thanks for your comment on obedience training; "A lot of people mistakenly think the K1200 is a sport bike,nothing could be further from the truth, it is a touring bike with a sporty look..."

Mea Culpa! Guilty as charged! And funny thing is - not only is this owner guilty of being confused on occasion - my K12 thinks it's a sports bike too. Fancy that! What a cheek - carving up ZX6R's up mountain passes, what does it think it is? An Italian breed or some nonsense? I've told it sternly many times - "You naughty K12 - you're not supposed to do that - and all over the carpet too! Don't you know you're a tourer?" But it keeps doing it - slicing through superbudgies along the famous tundra sweepers of the Snowy Mountains Highway. It just wants to have its head - and nothing I do will stop it pretending to be what it's not. It hunts 996's through favourite canyon carving country - "just what is going on here?!" I admonish it - but it just gives me that dopey, goofy-eared grin, squeels out the next day and does it all over again! It's a deeply psychotic K12. And who wouldn't be with favourite nursery books like 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Little Steam Engine That Could' ("I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can"). I've also seen it sneak a peek at 'Zen And the Art of Fast Cornering' - before I snatched it away. I'm thinking of putting it into obedience classes. Telling it "Slow down and sit!" with a little octane booster as a reward should work. They sure salivate at that octane booster. And happily all my friends with Italian and Japanese exotica encourage me; "Yes Finners - make that K12 behave - it's scaring all the other bikes with its' behaviour. You should know that breed is supposed to be docile - so its got to have the proper character beaten into it!" Now I'm not into beatings myself - but I do threaten it occasionally with some nasty grippy rubber hoops - all in the hope it'll settle down - but do you know what? It takes those hoops and tears them to pieces! Where's gratitude these days, hmmmm? Rob - it sounds like you have your K12 well trained - congratulations! I look forward to mine settling into a proper behaviour pattern and arriving at the back of the pack, instead of the front all the time. It's so embarassing!
Yours in the trials, tribulations and joys of K12 ownership...
- Finners :))

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I agree compelety Cabin

I find the K1200RS to be a touring bike. I just can't figure out why I wear the elephants off the side of the tyre all the time as well a embarass sport bikes up in the mountains.


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The man was a genius with words

Ah, yes.


Of all the people on the site back then, he was
probably in the top three as far as writing styles.

It got to where you'd fire up the site just hoping that
he'd have posted something for you to read.

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The Mad Dane, impressive

I recall seeing posts by the Mad Dane with the shifter half ground down, I am impressed. Can't bring myself to take the GT to that limit, I keep thinking about the cost of just dropping it off the sidestand, grinding down the roadway would be a little disconcerting to be sure.

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sbk12rs said:
M-1s do okkkkk ! I need a pic of the Powers all snotted up !
My Dunlop 208ZR really snot´s :D uhh and they were brand new in the morning!!

dkeven said:
I recall seeing posts by the Mad Dane with the shifter half ground down, ....
I show you instead where the all the gear hits the road - marked with red oval´zz :cool:

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