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So what happened to all the donations to keep i-BMW running - VIC????

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as someone who donated money to keep the old site up and running, what happened to those funds?? I'd hate to think the worst.
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whatever the hell he wanted to do with them. I got WAY more than I paid for. Hell I even feel a little guilty not giving more. Vic, Thanks for all you have done, and the best of luck in the future!
Do you need more, Vic?

How can we donate more, Vic?
I don't have a dog in this fight but I'd like to hear from Vic where the money we donated went. It went SOMEWHERE!

it don't make no never mind to me where it went -

great site(s) -

great group of riders/writers
You don't need to show me the money

All of the site machinations aside, I donated of my own free will for my own purposes. My main concern is that forums such as Jo Momma, the Chit Chat and Jokes, classified ads and tech advice is gone.
I have never accessed such a venue of original thoughts and suggestions anywhere else, about almost any subject.
It is a mystery to me how some contributors can research, write and propose actions in such great volume. Some of the contributions seem to be from idiots (I am sure you know who you are), some of the ideas wmay have been less than well thought but many more were amazing in their logic and insight. All were interesting. Whatever happens, I hope it is for the best and I hope somthing like it continues. It is very entertaining and informative and I don't watch TV.

Ditto on your comments.

The dollars that I donated are significantly out-valued by the volumes of useful information I gleaned from the tech and gear forums. I also appreciate the many people in the ride tales forum who helped me plan my first ever multi-state/multi 1000 mile ride by sharing details of their own rides and replying to my questions.

Regardless of the circumstances or decisions leading to this change, Vic and the moderators provided a great forum. Thanks to all of you and good luck!

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