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** SOLD **

Here is the listing on CycleTrader:

I am new to this site but thought it might be good to let members here know it was available.

I've owned it for about 3 years now - rode it a bunch during the first half of that time and then bought a car and haven't ridden it much at all in the last half of that time, so offering it up to someone that will get more use out of it. Because it sat in the garage for a while without much use, I just recently went ahead and put in a new battery, had a fresh oil change performed, and threw on a new set of tires, Michelin Pilot Road 5's. Under 8500 miles on it, never been down, essentially perfect bike. Has all the basic options: (sorry I don't have all the acronyms memorized, but) ABS, traction control, electronically adjustable suspension, quick shifter, and heated grips, etc.

I have a few more pictures on the craigslist listing:

call or text if interested: 48o-349-3467

PS. if there are any other forums/ sites you would recommend me to list the bike for sale, please let me know!


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