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To All Board Members,

If you would like a Bellypan (fiberglass, not CF) for your K1200R, here is a special "group buy" offered by Boxer Design, good through June 15:

$400 for the "Power Racer" spoiler.
$490 for the "Street Racer" spoiler.

Prices are US Dollars and to your door in U.S.A. (Canada, please check with Alex direcly). See further details in below attached e-mail from Alex of Boxer Design.

Place orders to:
[email protected]

example order format:

Please accept my order per your offer to members for:

1 BS2000 "Power Racer" spoiler for the K1200R.

Delivered to:
Bill Turner
1234 Main Street,
Anytown, CA 91234

Phone: 555-555-1234

Payment of $400 to be made via PayPal.


-----Original Message-----

From: Alexander Kienle [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 6:00 PM

To: Bill Turner

Subject: Re: K1200R bellypan

Hello Bill,

good to hear from you! The shipping charges are definitely going

to be a major factor in this order. Here's what I can do for your group:

I can sell you the BS2000 "Power Racer" spoiler for $400.00

and BS2100 "Street Racer" spoiler for $490.00.

Shipping is on me. I'll ship the items to

each individual forum member via Fedex.

At today's exchange rate, that's $52 off each spoiler!

Please note:

Both spoilers come in black primer only.

BS2000 is currently not in stock and may take about 4 weeks to be

delivered to boxer-design in Germany. Then it will take 2-4 weeks

to get them to my house, and another 3-5 business days from my

place to each member. BS2100 is in stock and can be shipped out

from Germany by next week. Payment will be directly to me with

check, money order, cashiers/certified check, or PayPal before I

ship the goods to each member. (I will not request payment until

I'm sure the parts are on their way to me and I won't cash any

checks until the parts are shipped by me. PayPal payments can wait

until I have the unit in my hand ready to ship via Fedex!)

I hope you find my offer acceptable and I look forward to doing

business with you. Thank you for your interest in our products.


Alexander Kienle

[email protected]


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2 have ordered so far!

One more to meet the minimum.

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