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The k1300s is my first bike with hardish luggage. And well gosh it takes some of us longer to realie that the bike is now wider than bike width. I recall the day 5 years ago when I cleverly weaved my way around the too many vehicles in my drive and gave it a shot of gas. Knocked me sideways when I hit the very forgiving front bumper trim on my Silverado.
An old school truck with a steel bumper I would have died. OK hyperbole.

I prepped for winter this week and took a close look at tweaking out the slight bend in the steel frame of the bag. one hinge is broken but the parts are insanely cheap for some reason. 25 bucks or so for the part with the hinge and bumper bit.

I was going to try and fix the hinge but its broken at a place where no useful purchase gaine be had for a clamp or splint type repair. Gluing ABS is madness.

Apparently these are made by SHAD if the molded in SHAD name in bold typeface is any indication.
I don't know where they draw their design ethos from but these things were very cleverly designed.

25 bucks is better than 500 anyday. As for the the 5 year delay in addressing the issue these things take time.
I stopped laughing at this guy though.

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