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I know this noisy clutch issue has been publicized over the forum in hundreds of messages, but I have a lingering question. That is, on the 06 and early 07s that received the rework to the transmission input shaft, did the noise go away as a result of this rework?
The reason I am asking about this issue is that I had the entire assembly replaced on my 07 "redesigned" clutch after 13K miles with signs of wear on the contact plate. After less that 1k miles the noise has returned and is progressing to get worse as before. Recently (18K mile service), we decided to change the oil from dino to synthetic oil to see if this would improve the lubrication process. After almost 600 miles there has been no significant improvement to the increasingly audible and potentially wearing problem.
So my question to all of you that have received the rework is: "Did it work? Did the noise go away?" Your comments will help in my approach to a final solution on this problem.
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