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Lining up all the farkles (Hey Joe, farkle, farkle, farkle) for the GT.... it will never get here. Every second is agony.

I'm not a big fan of huge tank bags, they look like a mole on the face of a super model. All I ever carry in one is a platypus, ceegar lighter and mini remotes for gate/garage door.

I think I'm going with the exact one I'm using on the LT by Roadgear, the Three-Point Compact Sport Tank Bag. In the picture it shows it unzipped. Zipped up, it lays nice and flat.

There are three compartments. The map compartment actually holds a full sized map, a thin compartment under it that will hold papers, wallet, etc. and then the main compartment.

Even comes with a nice, yellow rain cover. When will these folks wise up and start making these thangs water proof?

Dayem, October is a long ways off.
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