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Last week, while on a trip from Texas to Georgia I began to get high speed wobbling on my 02 K12 RS. I had just had new Pirelli Strada Sport Touring tires installed before leaving Dallas and suspected an installation problem with the tires. Tires were mounted and balalnced by local Cycle Gear store.

I called the service manager at Performance Plus, Marvin Siano told him what my problem was and asked if he could look at my bike. He said "Sure bring it in".

It was after 5 PM on a rainy Friday when I got to Performance Plus, a mechanic was waiting for me and he removed and rebalanced both tires. The front was out of balance and had a slow leak in the valve stem that had been replaced when the tires were mounted.

I was in and out in under 40 minutes and was charged only $30.

I think the cause of my problem was low pressure in the front due to the slow leak.

Tire pressure had been set to 36 front and 42 rear when I left Dallas that morning and the front was down to 33 PSI when I rolled into the dealership.
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