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"Hey Y'all"
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Today it was raining and windy. The temperature was in the low 60s and falling to the mid 20s by late tonight. I had a few hours off work and decided it was a great day for a ride. So it’s raining. They make soap. ;) In 35 minutes I’m on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They will close it for the season soon, but today my only concern is – will the rain stop?

I decide to head south from US276. In the summer this direction has the least traffic. Today there doesn’t appear to be any at all. And the sun is breaking through the clouds. Lookin’ good.

At the high point of the parkway I stop to turn back. What a grand hour this has been, but this is my mid-point. The cold front is approaching fast and I might have to skee-daddle if the temps drop too quickly. For now, the Gerbing is doing fine. Temps are still in the high 40s, but that a 20 degree drop in the last hour!

The cold air creates a bit of fog. No problem ,just makes for some interesting curves. Sun. Fog. Glair. Leaves. Where did the road go?

Then the next curve seems to be from a different planet. I love the parkway in crappy weather. It is never as beautiful as it is today. No traffic. Perfect.

Some of you are stuck in for the season already. Soon this section of road will be closed to us until spring. Apologies for the slow seed, but second gear and these curves doesn’t make for a smart location for the cruise control. Still, Kjell, this one’s for you!

The sun is out and the temps dropping like a rock. Still, I have to stop and snap another picture. It doesn’t get any better than this.

But it’s time to head down. The road in front (level) is the Parkway north. I’m taking the snake to the right. US 276. Definitely one of our favorite roads in all of the US.

Soon these turns will have ice and this seasons riding up here will end.

But for a brief moment today it was mine. All mine.
And it was perfect.


We're zoned for what ? cool !
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Thanks for that.

Tim, that was great. Made all the better because I know the roads. A great day for it. It reminded me when a group of the old i-bmw.commers rode from Tokico Boy's house to Deals Dap in the dregs of a hurricane. Sometimes breezy, sometime just pea soup, always attention-getting.
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