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The right price?

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Is $17K right? That is what I am being told at my dealer for an 04 RS. I'm really itching to jump at the 5 payments and .9% financing that is being offered by BMW but from reading the posts on this board $17K sounds a little high.
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Sounds real high to me. Does that include bags? Even if it does, I would think you could get an 04' for 14-15K, regardless of the financing options.
I got mine for just under $15000 and got the 5 payment .9%deal in June. Don
Geez I bought my S with ABS,ESA, Grips, Center Stand, and Bags for not much more! Yea 17K is a WAY lot high!
Compared to Canadian prices it's a real bargain! There was a used 03 RS at the dealer with around 20000 km on it and they wanted more than that.
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