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Today was sunny and dry -- not bad for a late September day in southern Ontario. I decided to stop by my dealer to get a new windscreen installed (as part of the deal when I purchased the RS). Of course the new screen also has some haze :( , but not nearly as bad as the original. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

Anyway, I took some back roads around the Hamilton/Burlington area and had a blast. The acceleration is great, and because of its weight, it felt like it was on rails! Very confidence inspiring. The suspension is rock solid (not bad for stock units) and the brakes are the best I've ever experienced!

I really love this bike!

ps. I was looking over various BMW's lined up for service. Just about every one of the models with the flying brick motor (LS, GT, RS) had some weepage around the motors, in various areas (timing cover, rear main, etc.)! I asked the head mechanic about this and was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was lucky mine is bone dry (best he's seen) and that most of the bikes he services have some weepage. He said if its not dripping oil, they suggest to leave well enough alone! :confused:
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