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downn2 said:
But what's a qualified mechanic? I'd like to see a list of dealers who have certified factory trained mechanics on board.........I think if the dealer has enough balls to spend 10K on getting a mechanic trained by BMW.....he should at least be acknowledged by being listed somewhere as to having someone who knows the difference between the crown jewels and a crown ball joint...

Don't worry if you break down around St. Louis because there is only one beemer dealer and I will get you there even tho I am not a qualified mechanic or have an approved truck/trailer by beemer.
The board has an installers list which means most of us can fix simple problems but mostly we put our names and numbers of so you don't stay stranded on the road. It wouldn't hurt to list list BMW dealers by states and towns but the PTB (powers that be) have to set it up and we the people can fill in the blanks.
Later == Bobby
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