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I got my bike serviced and asked Khanh from EUBMW to replace my "saggy" rear spring with a progressive shock. Turns out, it was broken. Thank God, I thought the squirreliness was due to tires.

Anyway, now that I am sure-footed again and back in love, I have been admiring the tricked-out bikes I see, but I want your help. I would like a long-distance set up, including mounts for phones, GPS, charging, suggestions for Bluetooth solution for a helmet (can I take calls at speed?), and suggestions for running lights/fog lamps, any other sort of upgrade or farkle that would aim towards comfort and function above any semblance of form.

The bike's sort of a beater, but I want the internals to be as nice as possible and I want to make my long trips as delightful as possible.

Or, should I just leave it be.

I don't know how much money I would spend on fixing up the body as I love the idea of having an awesome, optimized, performance bike wrapped up in a Derelict body, like they've been doing at ICON.

Anyway, any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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