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A bloke was driving in his ute along an outback road when, suddenly, his eyes goggled as believe it or not, he spotted a three-legged chook running beside him. It suddenly made a right hand turn, heading up a side track towards a nearby farm house. Intrigued, the bloke decided to follow the chook. At the end of the track, he met a farmer leaning on a gate.

The bloke said, “You probably won’t believe this, but I reckon I saw a three-legged chook running this way.”

The chook cockie was nonchalant in response. “Yeah mate, we breed them 'ere.”

“But why?” asked the motorist.

“Well, you see, I like a leg, mi missus likes a leg, and mi son likes a leg.”

“And what do they taste like?”

“Dunno”, replied the farmer, “no one can catch the little bastards.”
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