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Sorry, I'm in the wrong sub forum.

Hello all, I have a 2003 K1200GT with tire wear issues. The bike has michelin pilot road 3 tires. I understand about tire wear being heavier on the left due to the longer radius / faster speed of left turns in the USA. BUT, the right side of my tire looks great, almost new, and with only about 2000 miles, the tread left of center is gone. I had similar issues with my Hayabusa, but not this bad, so maybe its just me. My question is, could my worn (original) shocks be causing wear to be this extreme, or is it just the dual compounds in the newer tires. The bike is hardly worn at all. I absolutely do not ever remember having this type issue 15 years ago on any bike.
Could this be due to the weight of the K1200 on the dual compound? My next move is to just get soft tires and enjoy the traction, if I only get
Any and all opinions,information, and/or advice is appreciated.!AmOu5FgMtKOggbwhjsrc8lqtiGdUtA

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