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I checked the survey section of this forum, where buried with all the other surveys is a 'Which BMW Do You Own?" questionnaire. According to those results, there are/were just a few dozen of us K12R/Sport/K13R owners on the K-Bikes forum. Hard to believe, but I'm assuming most of us never responded because we didn't see that post in that other section of the site.

So, how about if we find out how many of us there are now with a more direct and current survey?

Just hit "Post Reply" and type in which bike you own -- maybe even give us your first name. No, my name is not "PrivateAxis" and I'm pretty sure his friends don't call him "OX-34" -- though maybe they do. Thinking about it, I'll bet Jocke's friends DO call him "The Joker". Maybe if it's odd enough, you can tell us where your avatar username came from. Mine is the canine antagonist of a story I wrote many years ago.

Anything else you want to say is great, but mostly I'm just trying to give us an idea of how many of us are out there. Thanks.

I'll start: John. '06 K1200R.
Nick- 05 K1200R
381 - 382 of 382 Posts