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The Gorges du Verdon, again!! I only did this ride 10 days ago, but here I am, doing the same ride, but this time with my wife Sue. Weather is forecast great again, when isn’t it these days?, and stimulated by the pictures of the gorges from my last trip, Sue (my wife) has decided that she wants to go and see them for herself.

Here's the view en route to the coffee stop at the restaurant on the Col de Haut Croix .

We intended to have lunch at the “famous” Bistrot du Col on top of the Col du Leques. Once again the waiter recognised me, it is my third visit this year(!), and although we’ve arrived after the kitchen has closed, they offered to serve up some paella, which we gratefully accepted. Once fed and watered it was on to the gorges, and here are some new pics taken by Sue from her pillion position.

It was 17.30pm by the time we reached the foot of the gorges, and faced with a decision to stop at a local hotel or head back up as far as Digne, we took the latter option, ending the day having ridden 507kms. We eventually settled on a hotel, where the food was very good, but the hotel plumbing left a little to be desired. Perhaps you know the sound and sensation when an aeroplane toilet is flushed? Well, if you happened to be sitting on the toilet when another room flushed their toilet, you could almost imagine your insides being sucked away, and unfortunately the inhabitants of the hotel seemed restless that night, and countless flushes at all hours of the night didn’t do much for our sleep, in fact, so little, we woke late, and decided to skip breakfast.

It’s funny how you remember things little by little. As we rode out of Digne and started cross country on some excellent open A roads and over the Col du Labouret, I started to recall that I had ridden this exact route with a friend, but probably 7-8 years ago!

Here’s some houses that looked as if they were piled together on top of each other!

We stopped at Seyne, which was a great little town, where we enjoyed breakfast, before setting off for Savines–le-Lac. This was a fantastic road with incredible views of the lake ahead. Stunning, we stopped for what seemed like an age, just taking in the scenery around us.

From Savines-le–Lac we passed through Briancon en route to the Col du Mt Cenis.

Interesting castle/prison/??? en route to Col du Mt Cenis

Here are some new pics and views I didn’t show in my last post.

Over and on to the Col d’Iseran, and more great scenery and views. Again, new pics not shown in my last report.

Church at top of the Iseran

Home via Bourg St Maurice and McDonalds in Albertville for a cooling McFlurry. Another long day of 473kms, for a two day total of 980kms.
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