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Hello All....I just finished installing my Garmin SP III and Touratech TPS 15A on my 06 GT. For those interested the TPS 15A is secured to the front of the left lower air intake/fuel tank (???) housing. (OK I admit I'm still clueless on what is what underneath the body panels but I'll figure it out eventually!) I routed the wiring along the existing harness to keep it clean. For key switched power to the TPS, I drilled a hole in the connector plug cap just large enough for the wire to pass through, then I peeled off about 7 individual wire stands and soldered the rest to make a stiff pin to insert into the red/white wire connector. Then I pushed the cap back onto the connector and applied slicone seal around the wire to keep it water tight.

The photos are befores and afters of the install. The TPS 15A is secured to the box withe a self adhesive plasti-lock strip so that it can be removed when needed. Adding devices is easy and clean because the wiring will run along side the existing wiring and not show or interfere with anything. The disadvantage is that I have to remove the left body panel for access. The wiring at the body will not interfere with battery removal or servicing and the TPS 15A relay power wire can be easily removed from the original accessory plug.

Next up is an Autocom and possibly some tunes. I'll post the result.


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