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I`m rather new on this page, but as a BMW owner, I will tell about some improvments on my gt.
During long drives, I had some problems with a stiff neck. After some search on the net I found the solutione. MV Verholen adjustabel steering. It is rather expencive, but it is the best investment I have done to my bike. It is possible to adjust steering with 70 mm. (Page: They sell it as an electric opt. or an manual opt. I got the manual one. I will try to get a picture of my bike with this steering into this side.

The next touring fix, is made by me. It is an simple visorcleaner. It works with just water and soap. In two seconds, you got a clean visor. Bugs, dust and other fluffy stuff is just washed away. Some people in Norway presuaded me to try to sell it, so i got one netside. They belived it was a great idea. If anyone is interested, just visit There is an english translatione on the last side, its PDF, so it takes some seconds to load.
On this page, you will see my 1200 gt with Verholen steering.
If someone think this idea is something, so just tell me.
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