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Transmission & Differential Fluids

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Has anyone used any of the Red Line products such as Shock Proof Redline gear fluids? We have used these in go karting shifter karts which use moto engines. Have had very good luck using in transmissions. Thanks
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Well, it's great to have someone with some knowledge posting information about engine oil. My apologies for hijacking the thread :D

My K12RS uses a bit of oil at 33K miles. I've had it since 20K miles and the PO had put dino oil in it. I've been using Mobil 1 gold cap. With either, I'd estimate oil usage at about a quart in 2500 miles. The only symptom is sometimes a puff of smoke behind me when I pull away from a long light, particularly if it is a somewhat agressive launch. ;) I've heard that some times these bikes have difficulty with stuck rings and read a procedure for soaking in something very high detergent like ATF IIRC to free them. Do you think it would be worth trying a change with Redline to do the same?

If I did, could I supplement with Mobil 1 or should I stick with Redline for makeup?

What do you think about TBN (Total Base Number) for testing oil? I ran a TBN on my K75RT after 10K miles on Mobil 1 red cap and got 6. (I've never had to top up the oil in the K75RT so it was all original oil.)

I figured I could go with 10K change intervals on the big K, but since I would add 4 quarts over that period, somewhere around half the oil would be new at 10K anyway. Unless the oil usage drops, I think I only need to change oil to replace the oil filter.

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Thanks for your recommendations. I agree that a quart in 2500 miles is not excessive and I'm not overly worried about it. It just means if I get far enough away from home, I need to bring extra oil for me and baggage space is at a premium!

If there is an easy way to correct it, I'll do so. I can't recall if I ran any Techron through it before the last oil change, but I'll do so before the next. I'll also look into the Yamaha ring free. A stuck ring may not be the problem, but for a few $$ it seems worth a try.

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