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I'm a new member and I need to make a choice replacing both BM's for one.
Any advice would be grateful.

I currently own two BMW's a 98 K12RS with 37k miles with a Ohlins upgradeI I bought this 8 months ago

Also I have BMW R1100s 99 reg with only 11k miles I've had for two years but hardly used due to work commitments.

The R1100s I eventually took on a tour around the Black Mountains earlier this year and proved to be the ideal mount around the hair pin bends. It was brilliant - the low centre of gravity and torque at a low speeds made it one of the most memorable biking moment I ever had despite the lousy weather. Never did see the spectacular views due to low cloud!
The only downside was that on long motorway journeys the R1100s can feel a bit breathless at higher speeds and more vibration. Also a small tank and not having a fuel gauge was a bit of a pain.

I bought the K12rs for work that involve motorway trips. A week long courses thats only 65 miles away can take over 2.5 hours by car in rush hour. Or just over 1:15 mins by bike. The criteria was ABS heated grips and narrow enough to filter ( leave panniers off and top case only). I used to own a early 88 K100RS and K75s in the past so was interested in riding the last incarnation of a brick. I could use the R for work but a few years ago I was using a R1100rt for work and trying to squeeze between vehicles was hard work, the width of the engine was distracting in those situations.

Now being only 5'6" and an inside leg of 29" the K's weight and seat height requires a little more judgment when parking , but no problems when on it.

I usecd to own a Blackbird but that got written off in the city when I guy switch lanes and I ended up locking up the front wheel and slid down the road. So although the Bird is faster, lighter and probably better handling. I actually found it strangly rather bland. The gearbox in the lower gears was clunky and less torque low down and heavier steering. I could not really gel with it. Maybe the later FI models would have been better.

Now the K despite the mass I find it extremely comfortable, better weather protection and that smooooth engine that pulls from low revs strangely I find intoxicating. The sheer weight is an advantage in blustery winds. It's quirkier than any Honda but that's what make it special.

I had a test ride of a K1300s and yes it was much lighter , lower seat and loaded with gadgets.
This would proabably be the ideal compromise, but just reading about the potential running costs if things break does put me off. ESA lifespan and cost of replacement is off putting.

The reality is the K12rs is being used 95% of the time and the R11s is just waiting for a another tour or a good day to exploit its handling. If the K1300s can provide the same handling qualities of the R1100s and With the qualities of the K12rs it could be the answer.

So this is the dilemma . Sell both and get a k1300s. Or just keep them and and save the money .

There is a a 09 K1300s with 23k miles for £5750 from a Bmw dealer in Manchester giving a full 12month bmw warranty - no luggage though. But it's has all the toys ESA,ABS etc,

Any thoughts that this would be the ideal bike? I'm sorely tempted

I just keep on changing my mind due to its milage and worn suspension.

Interestily the VFR1200f is the same weight as the K12rs so that's off the list.

Bmw k1200rs
Suzuki GSXR 1000 K1 - for track days next year.and mid life crisis !
Suzuki sv650 - ideal for inner city work. Great medium size bike.

I've also got a Suzuki SV650 for commuting into London on the odd days and a Suzuki gsxr1000 k1 but that's manic for the road and intend using it for track days.

Terrible I see bikes for less than £3k

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I share your thoughts. Although I'm not riding for commute every day, I have to agree the KRS is a heavy bike. That has upsides for long motorway cruising giving the bike excellent smoothness and stability (in wind). I like to be able to overtake quickly and safely on motorways and the K does that easily without shifting down. Another factor is generally the k's are solid and can be very reliable if kept well maintained. Most of the bikes I see broken down are NOT Beemmers.

However, when I have been lane switching and filtering I know what you mean. A friend of mine got a 1300 Yam FJR and externally it looked very similar to a Beemer tourer but with a more comfy seat and you didn't need long arms. But when I looked at weight specs for most of the 1300 bikes, they were not that far different to the K's. Most of the jap bikes have more gears and these days I'm lazy prefering the low down 'grunt' of the K. That leads me to believe that most large CC motorcycle engines are going to be heavy bikes.

You can reduce some of your K's weight by swapping the oem exhaust and cat for a lighter aftermarket system. I haven't done it because I like the quietness a heavy system gives.

I'm thinking that getting a lighter more manouverable bike means dropping the CC down to the 750-1000cc range but you do need a full fairing and screen - i.e a touring bike. I would certainly go for a bike with a big radiator able to deal with slower speed riding in traffic.

Our USA friends are lucky to have big wide roads with less traffic compared to U.K.

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Hi Voxmagna

Thanks for the reply. Good idea about saving weight by replacing exhaust.

The Bmw K1300s that was up for sale at The BMW main dealer in Manchester ( Williams) was sold. Sort of kicking myself for not taking the plunge and buying it blind. Just never got enought time off work to get up there. There are better deals privately but a 1 year bmw warrenty the main. Selling point. The best deal from my local dealer is £8k for a 2010 model with 10k miles.
No luggage either and £2k more than the other one. Williams have my details so hopefully another on in the £6k price range will come up. Up North seems to have the best prices.

I went to the NEC Friday and got a good look at the new R1200 roaster and the R1200Rs.
Seat surprising low. Feet almost flat the ground. But those pots sticking out I know would be a hinderance in filtering during rush hour. Especially on the A1 to Apex corner North London.
I had a sit on The Yam FJ1300 - the seat just too wide and on tip toes, so that's off the list.
Honda Vfr1200f seat is ok but it's as heavy as the K12rs.
Also on the British Bike tours to the Black Forest one party had one and complained about the fuelling low down and said he would probably sell it. Interestly see how many low milage ones are up for sale, that must tell you something.

I had a VFR800fi like that and got rid of it for that reason. The VfR750
1988 version was so much nicer to ride. Early honda Fi's were not great in that respect.

I have to admit if I wanted a purely good weather only machine the Triumph Bonnies fitted me perfectly and starting price of £6200 wasnt bad.

So I will sell thr R1100s in the Spring , should get around £2.5k. It's a nice bike, but I recently sold a Aprilia Falco only 7k miles 2001 and when on the open road it was exciting in sound and just the sheer grunt. But it's Itlalian and had too minor faults on it already. When you look at the wiring you just feel this bike would not age well. Fuelling at low speed and chain snatch wasn't fun around town either.But that V twin sound was intoxicating. The R1100s sounds so flat in comparison.

I'll keep the k12rs for now. I was able to reduce the ride hight a bit the other day. The Ohlins rear shock had a 1/4" left to shorten the length and has made a noticeable difference.
Cut down seat is another option but that may not be necessary now.
I recently fitted PR2's and that improved the handling. Trouble with too many motorway trips is the squaring off the tyres. When I collected the bike the handling around bends and steering felt disconnected to be honest awful! Then I noticed how squared of the tyres were. The PR2's transformed it. I did notice tyre pressures make big difference and keep these at the higher end.
Is there are better tyres for the K.

When it comes shaft drive practical sports toures there is very little choice. Honda missed an opportunity. It should have been lot lighter and bigger fuel tank - and the styling!
Better in the flesh admittedly.
So will keep an eye out for a k1300s. Or even a k1200s if I can find a 07 for less than £4k.
I think that year has the better gearbox.

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