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I went to the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) London Motorcycle Show yesterday specifically to see the new K1200GT and thought I’d share some of the information I picked up.

The bike will be launched in the UK around the 24th March in the various dealerships and will be marketed in two guises the “standard GT” priced at £11,955.00 and the “GT SE” at £13,195.00. Both sets of prices are on the road costs taxed and with a full tank of fuel. They also include the normal first free 600 mile service check, 2 year warranty and roadside/touring assistance & insurance (rider & pillion).

Options include :

*ESA £525.00
*Heated Grips £195.00
*Computer £110.00
Alarm £175.00
*Seat Heating £210.00
Tank Bag £145.00
Top Case £360.00
*Cruise Control £345.00
High Screen £45.00
*Xenon Headlight £260.00

Those items marked with * are included in the specification and price of the GT SE.

Colours appear to be the off White/Pearl colour, the R1200RT Granite Grey colour and a Dark Blue. The BMW Top Box will not be colour coded to the bike (unless you buy the Granite Grey coloured bike).

Highlights for me after seeing the bike “in the flesh” are:

It looks better than in real life than in the photo’s I have seen.
Individual rider and pillion seats are very easy to take off and it looks very easy to adjust the height of the riders seat.
Full size panniers – both sides.
I like the lockable front right side capacious “cubby hole”. Very handy for spare sun glasses. MP3 player, gloves, phone etc.
Bungee points on the rear rack – not seen before on the same RT rack.
Rear view mirrors that work!
Instruments look good – at least to me.
Good standard screen with seemingly good weather protection.
Looks as if they’ve used stainless screws to fasten the panels on rather than the black coloured screws they used on the K1200 RS & GT’s.

Low lights:

Still looks a little Slab Sided – it needs the lines breaking up somehow?
Ugly rear end without bags on.
Sitting on the bike – Ugly flat and square area either side of the instrument cluster that is used, at least on the right, for the above mentioned cubby hole. It REALLY is very square and flat and needed, in my opinion, some gentle curves to soften the riders view of that area.

Will I swap my K1200 RS for it?

I need to test ride the R1200RT and new GT back to back before deciding to change at all but the “urge” is to do it the only question is when?
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