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unleaded or premium unleaded

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Just did an economy check on the new K. Unleaded petrol returned a better figure than PULP (98). Now with the 97 taxi the reverse would have been the case.
So I said to me self "Self check the books" Book ses min 85 max 95 RON/MON.

The taxi had a sticker on the tank requiring 98 RON. So the question is

what have they changed. I am wasting money buying premium when ordinary 92 RON gives a better return
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My '02 tank's sticker says run 89 octane unleaded gas, so I run 89 octane. I haven't had a problem anywhere in the country running this octane level. Not even last April when I went to the Texas Hill Country get-together and then on to Birmingham for the AMA races at Barber. I then hit Arkansas to visit relatives then on to Utah to visit my youngest and then home.
gas thread again

My 98 K1200RS will not run on regular -it pings. runs fine on mid grade and that is what i use.

As a reference my R1100RT runs great on regular [87] but my sons R1100S requires midrange [89]. it depends on the state of tune and the condition of the engine.

The requirements can also change with the age and usage of the engine.

Also the octaine retings are different slightly in different parts of the country and in europe.
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