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Arghhh! I pulled out of the driveway this morning on my '99 K1200RS and it died about 50 yards later pulling away from a stop sign. Just dead--it will crank but no spark. Luckily it died close to home and out of rush hour traffic. (Another 50 yards and I'd of been turning left onto a busy four lane thoroughfare.) I was able to push it back in the garage.

Normally I'd shrug it off and hop on my back-up bike, an '87 K75Cs. But wouldn't you know it, just yesterday evening I pulled the tank, injectors, MAF sensor and coils off of it to put onto another K bike, an '88 K75S that I can't get running. (Picked it up, As-Is, for a song for a friend who borrowed and fell in love with my K75Cs last summer and wanted one of his own).

So now I have three dead K bikes in the garage! I had to drive the cage to work today and showed up an hour late.

I'll put my K75Cs back together tonight so I have a commuting bike again, and then look into the K1200RS--I'm suspecting a bad Hall Sensor (saw a great U-Tube video on a simple test).

The K75S for my friend will have to wait. Ironically after swapping the Injectors, MAF and coils I'm suspecting it may also have a bad Hall sensor (that or TPS or connection to the ignition module).

They say bad luck comes in threes. Hopefully they are right and I'm done.

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