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I asked this question in Cabin Fevers BRBP post, but thought I would get more exposure out here. I'll be heading to the Peaks on May 4th about 3pm-ish and was wondering if anyone is going my way. I'm leaving just west of Fredericksburg, VA and figure it will take about 2.5-3.0 hours to get to the Peaks. I have one friend possibly riding down with me, but it would be fun to have more. The take-off time is flexible too, so give me a pm or something if you would like to hook up.
A great time was had by all last year. We had a few thrills (wild Black bear and her cubs) a few spills (nothing serious) and a few laughs. If you are considering on going, I think you will end up making it a regular annual meeting.

See you there!


BLK 02' RS
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