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I'm just issuing a little warning to all you people interessted in buying bullet-cams and accessories.

I recently bought some electronic stuff from and was very disappointed.

Here's what I wrote to those guys - it says it all....


I am writing you concerning your so-called regulated 12v power-supply (Ref: reg12v).

I ordered this item a few months ago and on February 14th payed £ 59.57 plus 20 £ (!!) for shipping. (USD 116.80 and USD 39.21)
The first thing I noticed was that it does not have an output of 12 volts like we could understand when reading your website.
In fact, it only got an output somewhere around 9.5 volts when attached to a regulated 12v source.

I wrote you an e-mail telling you about that. I got an answer from somebody thanking me for the hint and
telling me, you were going to adjust the description on the website.
Nothing has changed.

Last week I attached it to a 12v battery (fully loaded, of course).
To my biggest surprise the output dropped to under 9 volts to somewhat around 8.5 volts.
My solid-state recorder does not work with power under 9 volts.

I was hoping to find some kind of potentiometer inside the power-supply to rise the voltage, this is why today I opened the power-supply.
I should not have done this, I guess. Because what I saw was surprising:


That one piece of real electronics inside is worth half a buck and the f***ing cheapest way to regulate voltage.
It is bold as brass to call it a "regulated power-supply" which implies real electronics.

And on top of all that, it does not even have the output it should, I have seen the specs from the
manufacturer (STI, L 7900 series negative voltage regulators)!!!

I will now order myself the right component to get the work done you people should have.

I will never again buy anything from you nor will I ever recommend you to anybody else.
I will tell everybody interessted in buying bullet cams etc. to avoid you.
I will tell everyone in every forum I post about you and your way of making cheap money.

There is no need to answer to this message; there is nothing you could add to make things better.

Bitterly disappointed,

I wouldn't reccomend buying anything from these people.

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Little update to get things right:

After not answering to their e-mail they sent me after they got my feedback,
I got a phone-call this week from actioncameras.
They appologized for all the trouble and said they were really sorry etc.

Anyway, I think they're quite ok now...

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Did they take back their unit and reimburse you or send you a new better made unit?
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