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For weeks now I've been waiting for a weather window to get out on the bike, and Mark had been checking in daily telling me Sunday was going to be the best option. Despite a forecast of only 5 degrees, we decided it was enough to venture out, and were eventually rewarded with a sunny afternoon, and at it's peak, a heady 11 degrees.

Needless to say after a long lay off and cooler temperatures, riding speeds were not so high, so I took the opportunity to take several stops and take pictures of scenery normally hidden by foliage.

The first picture is on the opposite side of the road and at the exit of a tunnel, but with little traffic about and seeing this "new" view, I parked up on the other side of the road and took this shot of the river which winds on down towards Bellegarde.

This shot through the trees is of a local beauty spot and lookout point, which is invisible from the road for most of the year.

It's been cold here for weeks now, and as you can see, there are still visible signs hanging round to remind us.

Here's a new railway line extension being built, nothing running yet!

En route to Nantua we pass a lake at Rosillon.

In winter it's frequently frozen over, and I've often thought I should stop and take a picture, so here it is.

Lakeside at Nantua.

A km or so from here we passed a very recent car smash, one side completely caved in. Not sure how it happened but luckily there didn't seem to be any casualties.

Further on, and here is the view at the head of the Gorges du Cerdon.

Last picture of a small weir. Had to do a U turn to go back and take the picture, just as a troop of 3 French police bikers came past. First one didn't seem impressed I'd done a U turn, the last waved. Guess it depends which side of bed you get out of!

Lots of other bikers out and about, but everyone was taking care as the roads were still very damp in parts. We took over an hour longer round this 257kms run, but mostly because of the photo stops and McDondalds coffee stop. After a (very) high speed run up the bypass after we'd spotting the mobile radar was on the other side, the bike seemed to be running well, and even looked clean after a jetwash to remove the salt.

Nice to have been out, already planning next weekends ride, if there is no snow that is!
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