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Hello all...….I'm running a K1200S with a sidecar. It has an auto tire mounted on the OEM rim on the rear. The tire is an Achilles 177/55/17 which seems to work well. But, it's a bee-atch of a tire to get ahold of and is only available in the USA. I have been in touch with Hannigan's in Kentucky and have learned that on the hacks they build using K1200-1300's ,they install 205/45/17 tires on the rear. I already know that this size will interfere with the torque arm and would be rubbing on it, and I'm waiting for a reply from them concerning a wheel spacer. There is however a gentleman who machines spacers for BMW 1600's and he seems to think that it may work on the 1200S.
I was told that this Forum was the place to ask, so here goes..... , I require the bolt circle diameter and size of the center hole of the rear wheel on the 1200S. And overall diameter of the mounting surface of the wheel.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
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