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Hello everyone.

I’m new to the beemer game. But deep in to the 80s 5-series bimmers.
Wanted a K100 project and picked up a really cheap LT (for Norwegian standard that is). I somehow liked it so much I decided to get another K100 banger for the project. But the intended banger ended up being a really good bike also. Even better than the first one…

And now to the dilemma:

Any difference in base value on these models? I would like to keep the one that maybe has the potential to keep its value highest in the future – if any difference.

1985 43.517 km (probably changed odo, but don’t think over 150k total)
Extra high and low beam.
Electric wind visor
Heated handles
Peltor intercom
Map light and cockpit light
Engine guardrail

1987 115.000km
Clean with no extras.

I don’t know if the extra high/low beam, map light, or Peltor was something that you could order original fitted or is it all after marked fitted?
Any VIN decoder out there that can list what the bike was delivered with originally?

Would it do anything to the value to pick the best parts and put on to one bike? I would really like the clean engine/fairings on the -87, but put over all the extras from the -85. In addition, maybe reupholster the saddle in black.

Edit: I see that pictures from the blue bike has to be opened due to size. Sorry for that.


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