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who won the MotoGP at Phillip Island?

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Coverage delayed here until 11:30pm tonight

Just testing how to post pics

Rahu Saddle

Arthur's Pass the K and the Kea
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Rossi did but what ya doing with my ^%$# bike
test of video

<img src="" alt="Dyers Pass" />
test of video`

Dyers Pass Road Video

Testing the video hosting of this site

Close to home. The back road

The Other side of the hill

The Video
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Guess that is the south island of NZ. Even prettier than the Canadian Rockies I thought
Port Hills, Banks Peninsula SI NZ

Lyttleton Harbour is on the other side.

Banks peninsula is 2 extinct volcanoes the craters of which are opened to the ocean and the flanks are covered with hundreds of Km's of twisties.

Looking from the top of the pass at Lyttleton Port

I'm in the process of videoing the rides and am looking for a suitable
site to host the files. This site is limited to 10mb.

Any suggestions?
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Great photos Fleet

Brilliant photos Fleet (Love the Kea)
Those roads make my stretch of the Bruce Highway look pretty boring (which it bloody is!)
That video was fantastic. Did you remove your windshield for it?

Good on you, and best wishes.

Took the screen off, placed a mic under the seat and camera on a home made
mount that sits on the tupperware, hence the side to side vibration.
Am making a mount that bolts to the filler cap for a rock solid image.

Was inspired by these videos from the Alps.

The link came from

Found best way to play them was to use the free player from

although I think they play on realplayer with the right codecs installed.
Well worth the effort.

The Kea came out to play in this report

Our passes don't compare with European Alp passes but great
riding in their own way.

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