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2003 BMW K1200GT 56,000 miles – Will not start – .
1. New battery BMW German original one year old plus 2 new factory keys.
2. Motorcycle stored outside under cover without battery 4 months.
3. Battery was removed and was on a CTEK 12v Trickle Battery Charger/Maintainer for those 4 months.
4. Ran well and started normally prior to the winter storage.
5. Battery reinstalled fully charged.
6. Center stand folded up properly.
7. Side stand folded up proper.
8. Clutch released and kill switch in the run position.
9. key in and switch to on/run.
10. pressed started button – good solid starter action/cranking but it did not start.
I tried it several times.

11. TPS reset:
Here is what to do after replacing the battery.
1) Turn the ignition key on.
2) Turn the kill switch to the on position.
4) Roll the throttle full open, hold open for 2 or 3 seconds.
5) Roll the throttle off.
6) Repeat steps (4) and (5) three times.
5) Turn the key off.
You're now re-set. ???

Re: Bike won't start.
How about a computer re boot. Disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes, then reconnect it. Turn on the ignition do not start, see if you have the proper computer check going on. If so, move the throttle from zero to full throttle and back with deliberation three times. Turn off the ignition, (this is the throttle set procedure). Now turn back on and start the bike after it goes through it's start check. Hope this works.

12. It did not start.
13. GS-911 ran test for faults – none other than the hall sensors not running when test were made.

Until this problem.
1 Fuel lines / pumps and filters all replaced in 2015. (ouch!)
2 ABS unit repaired – by me – circuit board had some fried traces. Tests fine / no problems.
3 Complete 50,000 miles service 2015 factory authorized repairs. (ouch!) only 6,000 miles since then.

I am tired of (ouchs !) I want some ride time – any ideas other than back to the factory authorized service (ouch!)

Your help and comments appreciated.

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Gave up and had it towed to the shop

Gave up and had it towed to the shop (ouch ! ). I hope it is not too bad to diagnosis. They said they could get to it yet this week. Rain is forecast so no missed riding anyway. I will post the solution and the cost.
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