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Who has a 2005-2008 K1200s with a working fuel strip sensor?

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Working Fuel Strip Sensor

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As most K12200s riders come here when they have problems who has a working fuel strip. And how many miles does it have on it?
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I did my conversion with about 25,000 miles on the meter which was about 41,000 miles ago. Float sensor has worked fine since.
I do have a Fuel Strip sensor working after 80,000 kms (50,000 miles)
There you have it. Out of the hundreds of K1200s on the road only one still has a working fuel strip.
...and hopefully this continues this way!!!!
Only one that’s responded you mean. My strip still works on my k12R at 115kkm but my hp2 sport failed at 35k km 3 weeks ago.
Nothing like a little sarcasm to get some data. A few of us here always tell people with faulty fuel strips to not mess around and just do the conversion. So I started the poll to see how many still work after all this time. Thanks for the response.
Well, if we're doing other variants, The two K1200GTs that I know of, including my own, have working original fuel strips. One 06 and one 08. Around 50k miles each.
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Replaced the fuel strip 3 times on my 07 K1200R Sport, currently 50k miles, last one was conversion to float since BMW was no longer pay for them.
I'm on my fourth strip in about a year, and it is wildly inaccurate. '08 K12S
I wonder if the majority of fuel strip faults only occur in the USA and have something to do with fuel composition? It would be interesting to compare
My k12S has 12,000km on it.
The fuel strip has failed a few times but has been repairable each time.
I wonder if the majority of fuel strip faults only occur in the USA and have something to do with fuel composition? It would be interesting to compare
Mine ran for about 40K Kilometers here in Dubai before giving up the ghost.
Not a lot of responses for working fuel strips. So guess I will continue to promote the conversion when peoples have problems with their fuel strips.
Hello good folks of the K bike community. I have an 06 k1200s, with almost 30 thousand miles on it, and love it. I went for a ride tonight and yellow warning triangle came on, and the fuel bars disappeared from the display, and "Fuel" is flashing on and off, bike runs normal and tank is full of gas. I looked thru some of the stories shared here regarding fuel strips, and it sounds like a common issue. Some talk about a float conversion, although it doesn't sound like a dealer conversion and would be aftermarket, some say they've 'fixed' it multiple times over a year, yikes! Does my issue sound like a fuel strip issue? Would appreciate any help and insight anyone would like to share.
Converted to float. Multiple strips failed.
Where are you getting the float sensors from?
I got all my K1300 float level indicator conversion parts used off ebay. You could buy new but that would increase the cost significantly.
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